Aug 21, 2008

Houston.. here he comes!!!

So I keep telling myself it's only two night and and not even three days but it's just not fun. I just dropped Dru off at the airport and he is on his way to Houston, TX! He and a couple more guys, including Pastor Rick, went out there for a Hillsong Worship conference. Yeah, I know, you are thinking..umm... why didn't he take his awesome new wife! It is going to be a wonderful experience for him to learn more about what God has called and designed him to do, which is very exciting! 
But meanwhile, I will be here in the OB working on school stuff and chillin out with the girls!!


  1. Welcome to the blog world! Isn't it great? I'll worn you.... it can be a little addictive..... visit me at

    I so know what you mean about not having your new hubby for a few days..... mine was gone a total of about 4 weeks this summer.... :( I cant wait till I can always be able to go with him....

  2. Kailey, welcome to the world of blogging! It is very addictive :)

    Glad married life is going so well. After 7 years together I still don't like to sleep in the bed alone if Thad is gone, even though I complain about his snoring! :)

  3. I hope for you that the time flies!
    Love ya!!!


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