Feb 25, 2013

RE visit #2

I'll just start off by saying that this trip, I went with a notebook, pen, and {tons of} questions
Dr. S entered the room singing my name which was very amusing and definitely lightened the mood. We started off the appt talking and catching up on what last cycle entailed.

Here are some conclusions/questions/thoughts about where we are and where we are going: 
  • I am on CD 3 and will take clomid until CD 6 (just like last cycle.)
  • I will not have an ultrasound because Dr. S said that it is not necessary to have one to become pregnant. 
  • Endometriosis - As far as I know, yes, I do have endo, but not sure what stage. We had long discussion about what exactly causes endo, heavy periods, if they are related... etc. It was very interesting because I've been reading so many blogs and information related to it. I was definitely intrigued, but unfortunately, we did not solve all of the endo related issues. He did say that if my George pain continues to be extremely painful that he would consider doing another laparoscopy. 
  • Shots - after I try 2 more rounds of clomid/IUI we will start shots. 
  • Progesterone levels - I posted about my results from Feb. 18th, which were about 3 days later than I was suppose to have it done. The results were 4.54 and that was not awesome. He said that typically a woman that is taking clomid should see at least a 15 on the progesterone test. He said that this cycle I definitely need to have it done a week after the IUI. Yes sir, yes sir! 
  • Also, we talked about progesterone supplements... that's a no-go in my situation right now because he said it would just raise my numbers to make it "look" like I ovulated well. Totally not beneficial for me. 
  • My LH surge when I went in for the IUI was 29, which was great. Progesterone was 1.03, which was normal too. 
  • AMH test - I did get my blood drawn again. {Imagine that!} This time he tested my AMH levels. This could tell if I have DOR (diminished ovarian reserve). This is something that you prayer warriors need to be praying against. Please! 
Okay, I think that's all for now. Btw, Dr. S LOVED that I brought a notebook with questions. He took it from me and went one by one and we discussed each one. {The teacher in me was elated!} I love a notebook :) 

As always, thanks for loving and praying for us. 



  1. I'm glad that Dr. S is supportive and a fan of questions. My doctor always laughed at me for bringing my notebook, but he loved that I wanted to be informed. We even recorded a few of our important visits about IVF.
    I do hope that your egg reserve is healthy. I know that they tested mine but I don't think there was a problem at all. Brandon and I hope that I can donate some eggs to our clinic in the near future after Elliana is born.
    Good luck this week with Clomid. =)

  2. Sounds like a great appointment! Good luck!

  3. I hope you don't have DOR, Kailey. Just had my AMH and it came back normal which I almost don't even believe. Isn't it weird...we prepare so much for the bad that the good doesn't even seem real or possible. Sending positive thoughts for your results.

  4. So glad you have a good doc & you got some answers :)

  5. I am so excited that your Dr really seems to be on top of his game! I really hope the AMH levels come back normal and you don't have DOR. Please keep us posted when you hear something!

    I love how they think it's funny when we show up with notebooks. They give us so much info, it's the only way to remember everything! I actually recorded my last visit on my phone so I wouldn't miss anything (I couldn't write since I was lying on the table). He looked at me like I was nuts, but in a funny way :) Good luck this cycle, you're in my prayers!


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