Mar 3, 2013

Five for Friday

Five for Friday! 
One day, I'll post on Friday. 

1. So grateful for Saturday rest. Oh and I love the show, Giuliana and Bill. I love how they shared with the world their struggle to get pregnant and then their triumph over infertility! 

2. This is a verse I read while checking out One Year Bible this week. 
God's way is PERFECT! 

3. Technically, I know today is "next week", but I couldn't help but post about our FIRST Sunday in our new building! What an amazing thing the Lord is doing at and thru our church. Ah! Love it! I'm going back tonight.... can't wait! 

4. Here's the front entrance! 

5. This was from my devotional this week... Jesus Calling. It's amazing, just like everyone said! 
Your perspective will change if you look at a trail as an opportunity to trust Him more. Oh, so true! 

Have an awesome Sunday! :)

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