Mar 16, 2013


Most of this infertility stuff will throw "your" plans off track. Needless to say, it kinda takes a front seat to pretty much everything else. 
{Not complaining, that's just fact!} With that being said, Friday was a little crazy.

I went in to my OB's office at 8 a.m. on Friday {3-15-13} to get my blood taken to test my progesterone level. My sweet friend {& a 4th grade teacher} was able to get my kids and start Math until I could get back to the school. She has an intern, which is a total blessing considering that I had to go between 8 and 12. So blessed by my co-workers. They are truly a blessing to me everyday. 

I will give my OB's office a call on Monday to request that my results be sent to my RE immediately. Of course, I would also like to know them :) 

I also keep forgetting to ask about my AMH test results. I'm hoping that since I haven't heard from them they are normal, but unfortunately, that might not be the case. 

Here are my stats! :) 
CD 23

According to my ever-so-awesome app, George is not expected for another 9 days. I have a feeling that if he is coming, it will be before the 9 day mark. Once again, I will not test, I will just wait it out. We shall see! 

It's gorgeous in Auburn, AL today! Go outside and get you some vitamin D! :)


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