Apr 14, 2013

Weekend, 5dpiui, & TMI

What a fabulous, fun, and busy weekend! It all started with spending time with none other than Miss Brooklyn Chase! Boy, do I LOVE that child. Here she is reading. The child LOVES books, I mean, LOVES!
Here we are taking a sweet little nap... oh sweet cuddles. I could just eat her up!

 Random highlight: My Mom drove my car to run some errands and filled my tank up! She bascially rocks.

Something fun! I helped host a couple shower for two of our closest friends that are getting married May 24th. Dru is singing, I am a bridesmaid, my dad is officiating, and my mom is directing. Needless to say, we are all very involved :) Saturday night was so much fun. I tried to snap some pictures of the decor, food, and the guests! Oh, wedding season, you are officially here.

Now, on to the TMI...
that's your warning. Don't continue reading if you don't want to know some
not-so-appealing things about me.
I have had sore boobs since the day after my IUI, there I said it. I normally have sore boobs a couple of days before George starts, but that's it. The past two IUI/clomid cycles have not included the whole sore boobs thing. I also have been dizzy too. The other day at school I almost fell over. My poor schools babies were like, "Mrs. B, are YOU okay?!" So concerned. But then they laughed after I was okay :) Oh, I love them so.
I am also keeping myself distracted.
*See above*
I had to look and see how many dp I was! This is weird for me. I'm normally disturbingly aware of what CD I am and how many dpo/dpiui I am. I really feel as though the Lord is blessing me by allowing me to focus on other important things. I am very grateful. I have so many blessings in my life that need and deserve my attention. TTC should not consume everything about my life, but I'm ashamed to say, it does. I'm working, people. I'm working.
Now, to go finish washing clothes... Happy Sunday everyone! I hope everyone is taking some time to relax, spend time with Jesus, and your families.
Much love!


  1. Who is this sweet baby I keep seeing pics of?? So glad that the 2ww is going well and by fast! And, never TMI! Hope those are signs that there is a BABY INSIDE!!!! Come on Jesus!!! Bring it ;)

  2. I'm so glad that you've been able to keep yourself distracted throughout your wait, that will definitely make it go by faster for you!

    You've been in my prayers, and hopefully your soreness means good things!! Can't wait for an update!! :)


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