Nov 17, 2008

It's almost Thanksgiving time...

Can I just say that Thanksgiving has never been so exciting for me in all my years. I think with this whole marriage thing and living away from my family makes it way more special. I have not been able to see my grandparents in months and it usually only a couple of weeks.
Dru and I are leaving on Monday after I get out of school to go home. Another plus of Thanksgiving is that I get to escape from school for a little bit, which is needed for my sanity, more than anything else. I can't wait to eat dressing, Mammaw's delicious homemade rolls, and whatever Mary Ellen decides to make this year:)
I just wanted to share my great enthusiasm about this wonderful time of the year.. and Christmas is just around the corner!!

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  1. Im looking forward to thanksgiving to..... I have 6 days straight off of work and its long overdue! I hope you guys have fun!


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