Feb 2, 2009

New School Fun!

Today was the first day in the NEW Foley Elementary School!!! I woke up so excited to see all the kids and the new beautiful school!! The kids did great! I thought is was going to be crazy all day long, but, honestly they did okay. April (my cooperating teacher) and I were talking all day about the new ideas that we have for the next couple of weeks.
I realize that teaching has its demands of me and my time, but I know God has created me to do this for His Kingdom!! 
That makes it all worthwhile. I just wanted y'all to know something about my day and know that God has a purpose for your life... seek that purpose!!! 


  1. I have a few teacher firends and although it is demanding it is so rewarding! You will do GREAT!

  2. Hey Kailey,

    We aren't finding out the sex! It's been hard lately, cause I do just want to know. I'm super excited for a surprise and would be dissapointed if I gave in. For me personally, cause I've always wanted it this way.

    And I AM getting huge. Im 5 months, and have A LOT more weight to tummy to gain, oh wow. Anyways, How is your schooling going? How often do you see Dru?


Thank you so much for your comment.... I seriously love to read them, they make my day! Much love to you!


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