Feb 15, 2009

Valentine's Day 2009

2009 brought our third Valentine's together, and it was also our 8 month anniversary!!  We had a great day. We went to Meg's wedding and it was beautiful and sweet! Then we went to a movie,"He's Just Not That Into You". I don't recommend it, it was not good at all. I was disappointed, but what do ya do? 
After the movie, we rode around to look for a place to eat but everywhere was very crowded. Dru said why don't I just cook for you, so he dropped me off at the house and then went to store. He cooked a great dinner and we ate our wedding cake too! He promised though that he would get the bakery to make us one for our 1 year, so I am excited about that.
It was a great day, celebrating our love for each other!

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