Jun 13, 2009

One year ago, today.

One year ago, today, I married my best friend and soulmate. He is my love, my rock, and the man I will spend forever with. He is always there whether it's to comfort me or just to talk. (He always says I say to him, "I just want to talk babe" and then he says, "Well about what and I say, "I don't know.") I am so blessed to have him all to myself.
Today and tomorrow we are celebrating all that has happened and the many blessings from God since we made that special covenant with Him. I will be forever grateful for the blessings God has given us in each other.
I love you, baby!

And, as some of you know, Dru wrote me a song to sing at our wedding... here are the lyrics to my beautiful song:
Girl, I know it's been a long long road,
but now we see it was worth every mile
When I see your face it feels like I'm coming home
like I've been away for far too long
Now I'm here girl, here for the rest of our lives.
Now I'm here girl, never gonna leave your side
Til the end of time...
Do you realize that this is just the beginning of lives
and the joy that is deep, deep inside
All these feelings rise up inside when I look into your eyes
it's an emotional moment everyday I'm with you.
(I'm crying right now, by the way)

Here are some of our favorites from June 14th, 2008...

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