Jun 9, 2009


Here's the story....
To catch you up: Our friends, Dan and Danielle, live in Tulsa and we love and miss them dearly. Danielle and I have been talking for the past few months about when we are going to see each other. We have been looking the second week in July to fly or maybe drive out there. This sunday would have been a whole year because the last time we were together was our wedding. (WOW!).
So... last wednesday after church Mom asked if we were coming over to the house and I was like yeah sure. (We are over there A LOT). I was just hanging out with mom and then Dru finally got there. I kept asking Dru if he was ready to go and he kept saying no. (Meanwhile, Lauren and Nathan skipped out on church to go over to "Justin and Sigi's house, but really they went to go get DAN, DANIELLE AND TAYLOR SHEA!!!!)
So Nathan comes to the front door and says hey will y'all help me get this stuff out of the car. Of course, we were like sure. We went out of the front door while they snuck into the back door. I helped carry in luggage which was Dan and Danielle's. I walked in the door and this is what happened!

** I have a video and it will be up shortly, but it is on my facebook under "my videos".

We had a wonderful time together. We hung out like the whole time, mainly because neither of us have money to spend. Taylor was a blast, gosh I love that little girl! It made me realize how much babies take over your life, but still didn't not change my mind about having one, for sure! We played games at time and just spent time together. My parents paid for their trip. (My parents are the best. We probably wouldn't have gotten to see them if mom and dad wouldn't have done this.) Mom said it's all our birthday presents and I was like wow like the best birthday ever!!!!
Thank God for great friendships that last a lifetime!
I am truly blessed and can't wait to see them again. (Dad wants to run a marathon in Tulsa around Thanksgiving time, so we will all road-trip-it out there!!

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