Apr 10, 2010

Night O' Worship @ Grants Mill

Just a little update from last week....

As most of you know I'm a hardcore "fan" of Kari Jobe and her ministry. Her music has brought me into the presence of God countless times and for that, I'm grateful. I know I tweeted this, but Highlands invited her to lead us in worship last Wednesday night. All I can say is... WOW!
That girl can bring it... I just wanted to share some things she said during worship that really stuck with me.

As she was praying she said "Lord, help us trust in You and not our circumstances." This really made me think because I find myself being so consumed with everything that is going on AROUND ME and not listening to what is going on INSIDE OF ME...(what the Lord is trying to say or teach me)

Then during another song she began talking about how we all "know the drill"....We come to a night of worship and there will be a couple of fast songs then a couple of slow songs and that's when we'll lay all our burdens down. She challenged us to lay everything down NOW and spend the rest of the time focused on PRAISING JESUS and WHO HE IS. Talk about conviction...!!! I was like Lord, I do that every time I come to worship You. So needless to say, this was an amazing night of being in the Lord's sweet presence.

And just a little shout out.. Kari is up for Artist of the Year and needs your vote. Go here and vote for her :))

Love y'all and I hope this challenges ya to really dig deep the next time you encounter our Living God!

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