Mar 21, 2010

Here lately...

Hey everyone...

It has been months since I've updated our blog so here it goes...
As most of you know I did graduate in December and was blessed with a job at Northside Intermediate School. I did my student teaching there and I absolutely LOVE this school and the faculty! I will be working there until April 27th and then I'll be looking for something to do this summer!
(I am looking to be a NANNY, so if you have anyone in mind, please let them know about me.) Thanks!
I have had 2 job interviews and I am very hopeful that the Lord has something just for me for this fall. I would greatly appreciate your prayers.
Dru is doing fabulous. He loves his job and gets to work with some pretty amazing people. This semester has been very busy for him... especially since Easter is coming up fast! Isn't it amazing how fast time flies?? I can't believe it's already the end of March.. do what??
As always, thanks for reading and we love y'all!!!

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