Jun 13, 2010

2nd Anniversary Beach Trip

Can I just say that I really do fall in love with my husband more and more every day. I mean, don't get me wrong, he drives me crazy, but gosh, I couldn't ask for a better man to be by my side :) These are some pictures of our beach trip last week. We headed to Gulf Shores on Wednesday morning (June 9th) and returned to AU yesterday (June 12th). We had a fabulous time. We were able to spend some quality time with each other and since we used to live in GS we caught up with some friends! I just love it there. I miss it a lot, but I sure do love living on the Plains.

This is us chillin' on the beach! It was soooo HOT!

We are so low maintenance.. we ate out, I think, just one time. We ate sandwiches and pizza! :)

Our friend, Sara Beth, hooked us up with chairs and an umbrella Thursday & Friday! You rock, SB!

Another year gone, working on the next... I love being married to my best friend.
Dru Birkeland, I will always, always love and respect you!

More than You'll Ever Know...

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  1. Happy Anniversary Today!!
    Can't ever forget yours with my sisters being the same! :)
    and happy birthday to my horse sassy.. hehe

    Miss you girl!


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