Jun 5, 2010

Big Girl JOB!

As most of you know from Facebook, I GOT A BIG GIRL JOB!!!!! I really have been thinking about how to really express how excited I am and this is what I came up with.... AHHHHHH!!! OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!!!!!!!!!! Ok, so as you can see I'm very excited and so blessed. Northside Intermediate is where I worked this past school year. It all started last August, which began my student teaching semester. Then, in January I was asked to be a contract worker from January 11th to April 27th, which involved working on Reading & Math with small groups of children. It was a great opportunity for me! After I finished my contract work, I was asked to finish the year for a teacher because she was sick. It was not under the best circumstances, but I was very grateful for the opportunity. So.... after all of this experience at Northside, of course, I wanted to work there. This is the work of the Lord, you can't tell me this is coincidence! Of all years, THIS YEAR, there is an opening. I am just in total awe of the Lord and his goodness. I will definitely give it my all and do my very very BEST!!! I will hopefully start moving in my classroom in the next couple of weeks. Lots to do!


  1. Congrats!!! I knew everything would work out just how it was suppose to! You will be a great fifth grade teacher! I still remember mine.. haha! She was a witch, but I know you will definitely be their favorite teacher!
    Miss you!

  2. You are going to be an absolutely awesome teacher!! I am excited about us both being teachers, too! We are going to have so much to talk about and share! We must make time to do that! I'm so proud of you, girl! Love you!


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