Jul 10, 2010


I've been thinking the past few days, that this has by far been my favorite summer in a long time (besides the one we got married and all). Last Sunday a couple (Russell & Kim Haden) in our church asked us if we would housesit for them this week while they went to NC to visit their grandbabies...AND of course, we said YES! They live in the most beautiful lake house and they let us stay in it all week!! They blessed us so much by letting us basically have a week long vacation... needless to say, I didn't accomplish a lot in my classroom this week. Oh well, I'll get it done. Monday I leave for Michigan, so I will be documenting that trip when I return :)

Thanks for reading, whoever you are....

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  1. You have lots of catching up to do!!! ;)

    housesitting is so fun!! I'm doing that this week for two days... to tell you the truth I am depending on it to pay for my gas this week! haha
    Miss you!


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