Jan 26, 2013

Beginning or End?


So, since I've started blogging about our journey to have a child, I've been shocked at how many blogs there are about people struggling with infertility or who are on the other side. Saying that this is comforting, is an understatement. This is such a difficult journey and it's so awesome to know that there are other women who understand what you are going through. All of this to say, that I started reading a blog yesterday called Our Pathway to Parenthood. (I'm going to write about her like I know her personally, but I don't). Courtney wrote something in one of her posts and I have not been able to stop thinking about it all day. 

This is what she wrote at the end of one of her posts: 

Our story does not end because we are pregnant.  The end result was not that we would conceive a child, but that we would seek God throughout our journey and have faith in HIS plan. 

Um, yeah! Totally legit. It is so very difficult for this circumstance to not consume me. And, I know, believe me, that I have definitely let it at times. But, I do know now that our journey does not begin or end with us becoming pregnant. I know it sounds really silly to think about me even thinking like this, but it is so easy to think that once we are pregnant that all our worries will just fly out the window. Um, not the case. Just think, WHEN we do have our child (or children) we still have to raise them to be Jesus-loving, people-loving, God-fearing, children of our God. And not to mention, all of the things that life throws at us. This is Life. I am in the middle of it and I am LIVING it. I'm not shying behind my infertility, shame, anxiety (amongst other things!!) I am putting it ALL out there and LIVING. 

I am living for the "well done, my good and faithful servant"....He is faithful, I have no reason to doubt Him, He has always been faithful. He has the rap sheet to prove it. 

On another note: 

Can't wait to attend 401 tomorrow and join the Greeter Team! New adventure for me because I have served in Preschool since we moved here 4 years ago. I am very excited to see how the Lord using me in this ministry at the church! Also, very pumped to hear another fabulous message from our pastor and leave feeling extremely encouraged. If ya can't make it remember that you can join us online

Have a fabulous rest of your weekend, friends! 



  1. Love the quote from your fellow blogger, and I totally agree. It certainly won't end with a pregnancy. Experiencing infertility is a constant flip flop of wondering if it will ever end and trying to embrace all the lessons we learn in the process. I would not wish my journey on anyone, but I do find peace knowing that it HAS made me a better persona and it WILL make me a better mother than I would have been had I not gone through it. The biggest lesson of all has been learning I can't control everything. This one is definitely in God's hands!

  2. I am honored that you're reading my blog! =) Please feel free to contact me. We don't live that far from one another at all!! I would love to help you in any way possible while y'all are cycling through a clinic. You have motivated me to get back to writing about the God stuff. Thank you for the comment on my blog and shoutout on yours! =)

  3. Oh really? You are in Austin, TX? That is where I'm at...in North Austin. I'm always happy to connect with other women who "get it." I certainly don't have many friends here who have gone through infertility...well none actually. Love your blog btw. :)


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