Jan 25, 2013

Mrs. B is MISSING!

Hello all. 
Can I just say that I was so very excited that today was Friday! You teachers know that the day after you are out is the pits. I, of course, got to school with a not-so-awesome note from my sub and a pile of lovely paper crafts (not for me) my children had created while I was out. The sub was not pleased and neither was I. I sure did let me children know it too. Oh, teacher troubles. 

On the brighter side of things, I finally took pictures of our writing activity while I was gone about a week ago. I pinned it on Pinterest a while back, but was keeping it under wraps until later on in the year. I found it here & here. I created the final draft paper myself :) 

Here are some pictures. Can I just say how fabulous it was to read these! Kids say the funniest and silliest things! Apparently, I visited New York, Las Vegas, and the best.... went to JAIL!! 

Enjoy the pictures! 

One side of the hallway. I created bubble names for the kiddos and then they colored them at the beginning of the year. I put cloths pins under them and there ya have it. I love the clips and bubble letters! 

 Here's one of the fabulous stories! 

And.. another :) 

Happy weekend to you! 

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  1. What a cute idea! Kids say the darndest things. I wonder what you were in jail for doing? haha! Too funny!


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