Jan 30, 2013


OPK testing begins tomorrow. It's finally CD 10! Gosh, this cycle is going by SOOOO slow!! I guess that's the way it goes when you are waiting and hoping for something to happen. 
I will also call my RE tomorrow to make sure I understand what I'm suppose to do. I am pretty sure I've got this under control, I mean after all, I have been doing these test for over 2 years, on and off! :) When I see a smiley face, I'll call, and we will go in the next day for the IUI! Ahhh! The excitement is very hard to contain, but Dru and I were talking and even though we are excited, we have to be realistic... it might not work. I know, hate to be a debbie downer, but that's just the way this nasty roller coaster rolls. (hehe)
Just a heads up... when I do update that we are going in for the IUI, please call on the Lord to answer our prayers! Please join with us! 

Love to each of you and thanks for reading :) 


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