Feb 8, 2013

And now we wait....

Hi there friends! So today, as you know, was IUI day! Now, I will recap what the day was like because it was so awesome that I feel you need to know all the fabulous details. 

My appt was scheduled for 9:30, so we grabbed some breakfast at CFA around 7:00 and got on the road, Jack! 

Very unlike my husband, but we didn't listen to music the whole time. We caught up on life, what we were feeling, and talked about the future a little bit. It was really nice and refreshing. 

I've read a ton of blogs and listen to experiences others have had with IUIs so I had some expectations, but I also didn't know if my doc would do things a little differently. 

We went directly back to the lab, of course, they took more of my blood and the husb did his part (ya know what I mean, so I'm not going to in to details). They told us it would take about 1 hour to "wash" them up, so we took off! 

Where else? A coffee shop! Our friend is opening a new coffee shop up there in about a week, so we went to check it out. He also made us a little latte, which was delish! 

We got back to the doc office and waited for a little bit. At this point, I was feeling very anxious, because I didn't know how it was going to feel... was it going to hurt? would it be like a pinch? would it not hurt at all? Ah! I was like just do it already! 

Then... A woman walks in... I was thinking.. Uh... where's my doctor?? She seemed to know what she was doing so I just rolled with it. At first, I thought the doc would come in a little bit, but that didn't happen. She told showed up the sperm and they were PINK.. of course, she said, well that means that y'all are gonna have a girl... we looked at each like... um what are you talking about? It was a good time. She said the the sperm count was awesome..wayyy over the "normal" number. I definitely gave the husb a fist bump at this point. Way to go, baby! HA! She also said my CM was lookin' good. 

Then, we got started. We were all talking and next thing I knew, she was done! Didn't feel a thing! Easy peasy! I laid there for about 15 min (just to be on the safe side). She said to go about my normal routine and I was thinking.. Are you sure? Don't I need to lay on my back for the next two weeks??? I just feel like I shouldn't do anything until I'm able to take a test. Maybe I'll just stay home all week :) 

I did lay down in the backseat, just to give the spermies some extra help. :) 

I'm feeling really good, but I do feel some cramping. I have all sorts of emotions going on. I do know that there is a chance that this will not work, and it's hard to be extremely excited (but I sooo am!!) 

I am so painfully aware of how far we've come and what it could take to become pregnant. This is going to the longest 2 weeks of my LIFE! I've been through this wait 24+ times, but I've never had a reason to believe it would actually work. So, here's to waiting. Cheers. 

And for your half time entertainment... some pictures. 

 My super fine husb! 

Delish coffee! 

laying down in the back seat :) 

2013, let's do this! 

#believe #hopeful #pleaseLord

Have a great weekend! :) 

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  1. I'm so excited that everything went so well for you! That's incredible that you didn't feel anything during your IUI. I've only had one but it was the most excruciatingly awful thing I've ever experienced. I've recently read that having a female do it makes all the difference in the world, so I'm glad you had a great one. I hope the tww goes by really quickly for you and you get your bfp really soon!


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