Feb 9, 2013

My First Five for Friday (a day late)

So pumped to join in on the F-U-N! Five for Friday!  

1. We started our Plant Growth and Development Unit this week. Very interesting! Sorry, forgot to snap some pictures. 

2. On Tuesday, I had an amazing time with a dear sweet amazing woman named Susan. I seriously love chatting with her. She is so wise, loving, caring, and LOVES Jesus. What a blast! #hopebloats :) 

3. I finished up my last week of 3 chiro visits... I start with just 2 next week. Feeling great! Highly recommend this place :) 

4. My kid(s) will be on this wall SOON! (believing) 

5. Dream Team Party was last night! Amazing time celebrating the awesome people that serve every week at our church! So many laughs. If I find the video of the songs that they sang, I will definitely post it :) 

Yay for Five for Friday! 


1 comment:

  1. I am sending a prayer your way for the baby wall. I am your newest follower.

    The First Grade Princess


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