Feb 23, 2013

New cycle, New hope

It has been a fabulously relaxing and refreshing Saturday. I absolutely love spending uninterrupted time with my husband. He is truly my best friend. 
Usually George puts me on the bench, so-to-speak, as far as life goes. I was pretty much out of commission today, but have been taking my meds. They have helped me so much, but I still need that darn heating pad. I really wish I didn't have to rely on them to get through it, but I'll do what I've gotta do. My RE did mention surgery again to remove any endometriosis that is lingering around. Hopefully, I will get prego and not have to do that! 
Today is CD 2, which means that I started clomid today. I will take it until CD 6 (same as last cycle). I have my RE appt on Monday at 3:00 in the afternoon. I was not able to get in touch with my RE's office on Friday, so I just went ahead and starting clomid. I hope that was the right decision. I am going to ask him if there's anything else we can try this cycle to up our chances of conceiving this time! I hope he's got something :) 
I will be leaving my school babies around 11:30 on Monday and I won't see them until Wednesday because I have AMSTI training on Tuesday. They will be in good hands though :) 

Looking forward to church tomorrow! It's our last Sunday in this building... next Sunday we will be in our new building!! :)) So exciting! 

Have a great night :) 

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