Feb 22, 2013

Five For Friday!

Happy Friday! 

I probably should be posting more about my classroom, but oh well. 

1. My fam and I went to the AU Women's Bball game last Sunday! Guess what sweet baby sat in my lap? Yep, sweet BCF. Love that baby! 

2. Pretty sure I had food poisoning on Tuesday. I was sick pretty much until yesterday afternoon...had to sit out a day of school too. It was definitely bad news bears. This was my set-up. 

3. Yeah, pretty much. Legit. 

4. My school babies filled their "Marble Jar" this week, soooo Mrs. B had to come through on her promise! A TREAT, of course! I thought donuts was a great choice. They LOVED them :) 

5. Since George interrupted my joy of being pregnant this month, two of my sweet friends sent me flowers at school. I'm oh so blessed. It literally made me cry. I know, I know, surprise.. surprise :)  

Extra picture! Love that baby! She's definitely my favorite. 

Again, happy Friday friends! 



  1. What a sweet baby! Hope you feel better! Being sick is no fun.

  2. Kailey,
    I found your blog through Doodle Bugs and I am so glad I did - so sweet. I am so glad you are feeling better and love the idea of reward donuts :) I am your newest follower!

    The Brown-Bag Teacher


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