Mar 20, 2013

Round 2: Progesterone results

My OB nurse called yesterday and my RE nurse called today :) (Feeling loved!) They both sounded very excited to tell me my results...
My progesterone was at a 15.9, which is a great number! My RE said that we should see at least a 15, especially taking clomid. My RE nurse said that I can test this Friday. For the first time, in over a year, I actually want to take a pregnancy test. I bought some tests today and I feel like they are over there laughing at me. I'll do my best to wait until Friday, but I might not make it. Either way, pregnant or not, I probably won't blog for a little while. I am on spring break next week and I'm thinking about taking a bit of a break from media. 

Much love to each of you! Have a great night :) 


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  1. Hooray, I'm so excited for you!!! Please update us as soon as you can, I really hope you get your bfp :) That's so awesome that your progesterone levels are where they need to be, you guys are definitely on the right track! I hope you enjoy your spring break social media hiatus, I did the same thing last week and it was absolutely amazing :)


Thank you so much for your comment.... I seriously love to read them, they make my day! Much love to you!


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