Mar 23, 2013

Whomp Whomp

Well, there's not a baby in my belly this cycle. I'm in a lot of pain physically and emotionally. I start clomid for the third and final time tomorrow. I'll update after spring break. I'm taking a break from blogging for a little bit. 

Thanks in advance for all the prayers for us. We appreciate it so much. 



  1. Ughhhhh! I'm so sorry Kailey! It was 6 months ago that my 2nd IUI failed, and yet I still remember my exact feelings! It's such a tough, emotional time! Praying you can find some comfort in the days ahead! And that IUI #3 gets the job done!!!!

  2. So sorry. =( I hope the third time's the charm and you are able to get some good rest and relaxation in during spring break!

  3. so sorry to hear this ;( so, i just came across your blog, and two things stuck out at me. You know Dan and Danielle Pena - Small world, so do I!!!! My brother and SIL were really close friends with them for a few years in Tulsa! And, you mentioned All Sons and Daughters :) I currently have a post about their song in my draft folder! Look forward to following your story more and praying for a miracle for you!!

  4. I tried to email you back, but couldn't' find your email. I didn't think you would see if I posted on the comment on my blog. Anyway, very small world!! I hope you find a way to see them, I can't believe how big (and cute) Taylor is! Praying for your journey and look forward to getting to know you more (even though I wish it were under different circumstances)!

  5. Blah! :( I am SO sorry! What terrible news to get while you are on spring break! :( I had a very hard time finding out that I wasn't pregnant last time. It just really hit me hard because I was being so positive about that round. Good luck this coming cycle! I will keep praying for you! :)


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