Jun 13, 2013

Sit & Listen

I know I've said that we are definitely on a break from meds/procedures and not really sure we will go back to them (ever)... but I really needed the Lord to reassure me that I was hearing correctly. I wouldn't want to miss anything that He has to say regarding this or anything else for that matter...

Cue Sunday morning at church:

I know I've said it over and over again, but I feel the Lord moving and stirring my spirit more than I have in a long time. (I'm so grateful for this.) Yesterday's message really was just what pushed me over the edge (in a good way) to seek the Lord more than ever.

Along with the message yesterday, I've decided to not get out of the bed until I've sat and talked to Jesus. I just need to SIT in His presence and listen.

This morning I read from my Jesus Calling devo and whoa. I had tears in my eyes as I read. The title was "Rest in Me, My Child"... that pretty much sums it up. I didn't really need to read it, that confirmed our decision to not plan meds or procedures and just rest.

Here is what's been going on in my heart:

If I'm being completely honest I jumped into the procedures without hearing the words "go ahead" from the Lord. Not a good plan, people. And since one of the reasons I went on a break in the first place was to clear my mind, body, and soul; I knew that hearing the Lord loud and clear again was at the tip top of my list of things that I wanted to happen over the past month. I needed to get rid of everything pulling at me and just rest in Him. While I know that I did that, school is something that was pulling at me. Another thing that was pulling at me was the fact that I was literally carrying around 30 extra pounds, which was definitely bringin' me down (figuratively and literally!) Dru and I also needed to reconnect on many levels and recover from the past three months of complete exhaustion.

Now that over a month has past since I said goodbye to many things holding me down... I'm extremely proud to say that I've lost 18 pounds and on my way to losing the other 12 and it's summertime, which you know. I feel so much lighter, in more ways than one, and I also feel more like myself than I have in months.

And while those things are fabulous, over the past few days, I am continuing to feel that stirring. I have felt that tug on my heart. (You people that have a relationship with Him know exactly what I'm talking about.) He is so gentle, and all He wants is for His children to sit at His feet and spend some time with Him. I am there, friends. I am at His feet.

He is drawing me near and I am listening.
I am in Love with my Savior.

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  1. Love this!!! So thankful for your friendship! God is so good and can't to see how He reveals your story! I look forward to listening to the sermon you posted!


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