Jun 13, 2013

Take that & rewind it back...

Ummm..... Can I have your attention, please?!?!?!!? 

Please check out the information below!!! YES!!! Holler at ya FAT! 

And no blog post would be complete without pictures of my sweet little Boobug! :) 
This is her at the pool the other day... I'm happy to say that I'm spending probably wayy too much time at the pool, but hey, that's what summer is ALL about! They are moving on Sunday, so I'm soaking up every last second with her... #tears #lovehersomuch

Happy Thursday night :) 

Oh and tomorrow is our FIVE year anniversary. I'll definitely post about it at some point this weekend, also coming to a blog near you.... some of my DIY projects for the summer... YAY!!!

 Hope you guys have a great weekend!

Love y'all, 

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