Jun 8, 2013

Sweet Summertime!

Hellllloooo frannnnds!!!

I have missed writing... but boy have I had a refreshing month! The month of May brought a lot of relaxation and reflection for both Dru and me. I truly believe the Lord lead me to this point for a reason and that a break was definitely a must! I also believe that I needed to go through the last 7 months (more like 4 years) to get to where I am right now and that is a place of peace and contentment

That could mean a lot of things, but for me it means that I am satisfied where the Lord has me and satisfied with what He has given me. 

Dru and I have decided that for now, we will not be doing any procedures or medicine to try to conceive. We will continue to seek the Lord and wait to hear His voice. Where He leads, we will follow. 

I want to say another thank you to those of you praying for us, for the letters and cards we receive in the mail, the texts, the emails.... it is just so amazing how the Lord is revealing Himself through all of the people close to me. I am just simply in awe of Him. 

I will continue to write, but I will probably be drifting away from infertility/baby making related things. 
Please continue to read because the Lord is about to do something awesome! 

Ohhh just wait.... 

It's going to be unbelievable and amazing!  
I can't wait to share our story, the one He has already written just for us. 

Much love to each of you, 

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