Jun 8, 2013


Beware this post will contain a lot of pictures....

Last Saturday, June 1st, my fam embarked on our summer vacay! It has been planned since January and needless to say, we all were very excited.

It was the first time that we all have taken a trip together. Of course, we were all so pumped to take Brooklyn to the beach for the first time. We all have been talking about how we think she would react to the beach..well... SHE LOVED IT!

This was on the way to the BEACH! She was pumped! 

My sis and me! 

Yummy Sea-N-Suds! 

My sweet Mom & Brooklyn! 

My hubs and me! 

Lovin' the beach! Sweet baby! 

Look at my Boobug! 

I met my sweet BFF from high school for dinner. We definitely stayed at the restaurant for 3 hours.... we had lots to chat about :) Love her! 

We also went by the first place we lived as husband and wife :) Good times! 

We did not want the vacay to end.... It was such an amazing time together! I love my family more than words can say! I'm so blessed! 

Happy Summer! 

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