Jul 10, 2013

anniversary photos

So grateful to Penni Lauren Photography  for snapping these for us.

We had so much fun and obviously I'm very happy with all of them. 

Go check her site out... She's extremely talented! 

Let me know what you think :) 


  1. how cute are y'all and love that you got anniv photos done! Y'all def look like each other :)

  2. Oh my gosh, those are so cute, you guys are so stinkin' adorable :) I love how much fun ya'll are having! That is such a great idea about anniversary photos. We'll be at 5 years next April, I may have to borrow your idea :)

  3. The pictures are lovely! Happy 5 year anniversary! Don't the years just fly by?! :/

  4. Aww, precious! I miss you guys. Blessings in the many more years to come.


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