Jul 10, 2013

gettin' healthy #2

Yes, here we go again! More healthy info, people... GET EXCITED!
One of my dear friends has been talking to me about sodium nitrate and the dangers of consuming food that contains it. Of course, I've been eating foods for who knows how long with sodium nitrate in them. Oh dear. Not a good plan. 
Since learning about this... {Side note: I LOVE lunch meat!} I learned that there are versions of lunch meat without nitrates! Can I get a HOORAY!? I was very excited to know that I can still enjoy lunch meat without this dangerous cancer causing chemical... WHOO WHOO! 

Here are some links so you can read up for yourself: 

Eat something green! 
Later gators! 


  1. Thanks for all the info! I'm so with you on the bpa thing, I'm excited to start researching other things like nitrates :)


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