Jul 6, 2013

gettin' healthy #1

I posted a while ago about some changes that Dru and I are making to live longer and healthier lives, so I wanted to update you on the most recent one.... we are getting rid of BPA!

Two of my closest friends are big believers in all things organic and healthy. They have had great influence on my life over the past year and challenging me to make some healthy changes. I am very grateful, because I was very ignorant to what all of the things I was putting in my body and what they were doing to me.

So, I guess it's been about a few months, but Dru and I cleaned out our cabinets and removed all of our plastic containers. Don't worry, I didn't throw them away, I gave them to a local thrift store and to my parents :) I guess that kinda defeats the purpose, but oh well. We will slowly stop using canned goods, but I'm not throwing those away. {I have tons of canned goods.} I also will not buy any more plastic cups, we will drink out of glass.  

I wanted to share some research with you that I have come across, but honestly most of what I'm learning is from my friends. A sweet blog friend of mine over at Team Harries Beats Infertility, shared a little about what they are doing to beat infertility naturally. One of those ways is by getting rid of BPA! Go check it out! Another blog I have been reading is called Naturally Knocked Up and she discusses why BPA is just no good :)

Stay tuned for more ways the Birkelands are gettin' healthy! 


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  1. Awesome stuff! Glad we can do this together :)


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