Aug 8, 2013

a little lunch idea

Hi friends. 
I am enjoying my last few days of summer and really lovin' coming up with new ideas for lunch/dinner! I went to three grocery stores yesterday to gather all of the things I needed for the next week or so. I also needed some things for school, of course! 

Here is a little pizza I made for lunch. 
Whole wheat toast + mozzarella + roasted red peppers = YUM!

Much love! 


  1. Ooh, I like that! I often am finding new ways to make me a pizza. We like tortilla pizzas, which is similar - you can use whole wheat tortillas, fresh tomato slices or sauce, and a handful of mozzarella. Plus, we like it hot, so we add lots of red pepper flakes! Throw it in the oven for a few, and dinner is served!

    Enjoy your last few days. We started back with teacher meetings today...summer's over :(

    1. That sounds great! Oh booo.... I start back Monday... Yes, summer is coming to an end. So very sad!!! :(((

  2. Yummy quick and simple. I cannot wait to have carbs again LOL!!

  3. Sweet girl! I am so blessed to have found your blog and read your sweet story! I recently met Caroline from "Team Harries" and have been encouraged by her heart for Jesus and trust in her Savior to bring healing to her body. My husband have recently begun the "waiting" journey, filled with lots of doctor's visits and devastating results, but I have full faith that HE is bigger than anything! Thank you for your heart and vulnerability to speak out and encourage others :)


Thank you so much for your comment.... I seriously love to read them, they make my day! Much love to you!


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