Aug 24, 2013

oh, hey there!

School is here. And I've been a busy little bee getting ready for my new school babies. I wanted to share some pictures of my classroom and a few things that we've been up to. If you follow me on instagram then you have probably seen the pics. {I think I might have a picture taking problem, oh well.} 

my desk at the beginning of the day and then after. ha! 

favorite travel mug. perfect. 

 grabbin' coffee after school, otherwise I wouldn't have made it to dinner. 

got this idea from a blog that I follow. the kids loved doing it! very excited about starting our interactive math notebooks this year! 

new behavior chart for this year! hopefully I like it better than last year's. 

new planner :))) 

meet the teacher day! got to meet my kiddos! 

As far as Birkeland babies go.. We are still in midst of praying about what's next. George actually showed up on Thursday, but this cycle I have done a few things different. As most of you know, my periods normally kick my booty... sometimes it hurts to walk... I know, ridiculous. This time though, I have only taken motrin a couple of times. {We are trying to rid our lives of harmful toxins, plastics, and antibiotics, etc. Check out the healthy changes label for more info!} I have also been using the essential oil, Solace. I'm pretty sure between the oil, chiropractor visits, and taking HOT baths, the pain has backed off. Y'all don't even know how amazing this is for me. It is certainly life changing. 
I also found out yesterday that a sweet sweet friend of mine that I've known for a very long time is pregnant with a miracle baby. She has suffered many losses and this is certainly her miracle. She conceived naturally without help from medicine or procedures. She and many other friends of mine have mentioned a book called "Supernatural Childbirth"... I started reading it last night and I am almost finished with it. I am blown away by the power of scripture and the fear that we think we just have to live in. THIS IS NOT BIBLICAL. We are suppose to be able to conceive a healthy baby, have a ill free pregnancy, and get this... a pain free delivery. These are things that I will be praying over myself until I have peace about moving on to other options. We are called to pray for what we've been told is impossible or that it might just not happen. 
I encourage you to check this book out, even if you aren't ready to become a mom quite yet. It's extremely eyeopening and empowering. 

Happy Saturday & as always, thanks for reading! 

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  1. :) much love to you and many many prayers...Hebrews 11:1! Miracles DO happen :)


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