Aug 28, 2013

casting your cares

Took this tonight after my run tonight. I have had a few rough days, so I'm kinda digging myself back out of those thoughts of... why me? when is it my turn? where are my babies? when will they be in my arms? when will I get to prepare a nursery for our babies? 
All of these questions have been plaguing my mind. I just laid in the bed last night with tears just streaming down my face, thinking about my babies that WILL someday be in my arms. 
They will get to us. 
They will be ours. 
And boy, will we love them! 
It's going to be so sweet, because of this journey that we've been on, when we are finally holding what we've prayed for for so long. 
I do know this, God is faithful. He has always been and He will always be. I have definitely learned how to cast my cares. I did it this morning, otherwise, I would have cried today at school and we just can't have any of that. 
I called out to Him and He answered. 
He took away my pain. 
That's the kind of God that I serve. 

Gonna rest tonight knowing who holds my heart and future. 

so grateful. 


  1. Days like this are so hard! Praying that he'll give you comfort in your darkest hours and direction for the days ahead!

  2. I'm so sorry you had a rough moment for a while there, sometimes all of these unknowns can hang over us like such a dark cloud. Your faith and positivity is just amazing. Great things will come your way, I just know it!! XO


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