Feb 23, 2009

To Buy or Not To Buy...

So the question is, is it the right time to buy or continue renting. Dru and I are renting a condo right now and we want a house so bad!!! I went to look at a house today that is for rent and it was cute. I think we would be paying more for the location than anything else. I mean, that's fine, but I think we would both rather have a newer house for the same amount of money. 
We are going to be able to stay in this condo at least until the end of the summer, so we do have time to decide. I think we both are apprehensive about committing but then again, we are ready to have a house. I can't wait to decorate and of course, get a puppy!! Dru is really excited about that part because I've been promising him a dog when we get our first house. He must stay outside though, because I do not want him in the house, this is a must. 
So, just wanted to put this out there. I can't believe we have almost been married for a year, wow how time flies. We are so blessed have each other and can't wait to jump into this adventure along with many others to come:)


  1. Buy! Then you're not throwing money away. If you guys plan on being there for a while, you should buy probably. Everything's pretty cheap right now, too.

    Love you/miss you.

    Found our "list" the other day...
    Diet Coke
    Star Wars
    Cold salsa...

  2. Eric adn i lived in an apartment for about 10 months until we bought our first house.... and we love it... its def. worth buying right now bc things are cheaper. If you figure out your budget and stick with it.... it is so worth it. I would look and see what kind of houses are in your budget. Just my thinking....


Thank you so much for your comment.... I seriously love to read them, they make my day! Much love to you!


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