May 16, 2009

i'm HOME for good.

This has been one crazy semester and season of life, to say the least. May 8th was the day of my exit exam, which I passed, so I was able to come to Auburn immediately. I ended up getting here around 1pm and then Dru and me went out for lunch. He is so great. 
This whole week I've been trying to change my eating habits and I actually starting running a couple of days ago. It has been a crazy week especially because I thought I was pregnant. Well, I'm not, but it definitely made the week a little more exciting. I am up early because Dru throws my pillows off the bed and it doesn't make me very happy and I'm meeting a friend at 10 so I figured I should just get out of bed. 
I start my two summer classes next week..booo. I am still debating on working, Dru hasn't said anything so I guess I won't. I really don't want to at all, I'm so tired of stupid random jobs. 
Well I hope this finds you well and thanks for reading.


  1. I'm glad you are finally home! And it's so good that you're working out and trying to eat healthier! See, that is one thing that I definitely encourage other wifes to do BEFORE you get prego! It helps. Anyways, Is your blog photo center? I can't tell. I don't think it looks bad at all, in fact i like it a lot!!

  2. I wrote "it helps" as if I was working out before I got prego and I wasn't!! I just know it helps!! haha


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