May 26, 2009

It's Officially SUMMER!!

Our friends, Sarah and Jason, invited us over to their lake house yesterday for a huge get together. We all met at 10am at a gas station and made our way to the house. (just a side note: There was a line of 3 mini-vans and then our Lexus.. we were laughing so hard.) They all kept saying enjoy this time in your lives with no kids! There were about 12 kids there and their parents, we were the only couple without kids! It was entertaining to say the least. It took all the families about 30 minutes to get all of their kids, toys, dry clothes, and everything else out of their cars. While they were doing the prep work for the day at the lake, Dru and I were just sitting there, watching. It was great!
We had a great day getting to know everyone because we haven't had a lot of time to just hang out. What a great day!

What a cutie!
me and my baby!

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