Jun 3, 2009

It's a choice.

Last month, Dru and I had a rude awaking to how much money we were actually spending. So because of our new found awareness we went to cash this month. This principle is one of Dave Ramsey's, which he talks about in his course on financial peace. This month is kinda a trial run because we are trying to figure out how much we need for groceries and gas, but the other things like insurance, cell phone, and rent are already known. This is really difficult for me because I have never had to really make a choice when choosing to buy this or that. I've always just gotten them both:) So needless to say, this is making me change the way I think. Dru is great at not spending money because he can just do without, which I'm kinda jealous of sometimes. The second picture that I put up is the envelope system we started to keep us on track (plus I have organization). Dru goes to the bank at the beginning of the month and I put the money for the things like groceries and gas in the different sections.
The first picture is the project I started after I used the letters on the envelope organizer. I sorted all the letters so it will be easier for me to grab what letter I need. Now, to figure out what I am going to put them in.

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