Aug 4, 2009

August 2009

Well this month life gets crazy again. The month of August starts two more services for Dru and STUDENT TEACHING for me. Our ONE college service begins on the 19th and the 8:00pm service starts in the next couple of weeks. I've kinda already started my semester by going to the school and working on a bulletin board and going to a couple of meetings.
Pastor Chris talked about Sunday that summer just brings about spiritual and physical laziness (for lack of a better term). This is so true! Just a little update on what's going on with us.

Over the next couple of months:
Please pray for patience as we both do the things that are required of us. We get irritated with each other if we don't spend time together:)
Also pray that this semester will go smoothly for me and that I will stay motivated and FOCUSED!

Thanks, and as always, love you all!

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