Sep 9, 2009

Update on Nana

We left Bham yesterday around 4:30pm right after the nurse came and talked to everyone. The nurse said the surgery went really well and to give them a little time to get her in her room. She had a coil and a stint put in her brain to repair the blood vessel that burst.
I was so sad to leave yesterday. I knew that my mind would be there with my family. I went to teach this morning and I was happy to see the kids but I was thinking about Nana. I could not keep my mind focused on school today, it just wasn't happening. Dad did text me this morning to let me know that she was responding with her eyes and that she was wide awake. They still have not taken out the breathing tube, they just want to get her breathing stronger before they do.
Thanks for all the prayers and support. Our God is so faithful!

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