Feb 20, 2013

Don't Stop....


Not only is that a very appropriate song for this time in my life, but it's a song that my Dad and I have always loved. We are big Journey fans!!!

I've had these diapers for a while now. I'm 13dpiui and definitely could take a test. I just can't bring myself to do it. This is wayyy TMI, but I've had diarrhea and headaches for 2 days now. I didn't go to school today. I didn't think it would be beneficial to be there if I was going to stay in the bathroom all day. My kids would be hanging from the ceiling :)) 

I did some google reading (I know, bad idea) but it does say that some women experience diarrhea opposed to constipation. Headaches are also common, but I always have headaches! 

Well... here's to more waiting! Have a great night!



  1. Best of luck! Can't wait to hear the outcome.

  2. Kailey! A. I love Journey, too, and B. I am believing with you!!!

  3. Hope those are all signs of a sticky bfp! I know how hard the waiting can be, I'm so impressed by your will power to not test. Hopefully George stays far away and you will have your answer soon :) Hope you start feeling better!


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