Feb 19, 2013

Progesterone Results

Update... GO! 

I called to see if my lab results were in around 3:30, but of course, the nurse was busy so I had to wait to hear back. (Not hating, but I really wanted to know the results!) 
She called back around 5:00 and explained that my OB would have to call me back and explain the other results besides the progesterone. I'm not exactly sure what else they tested, I guess I'll find out tomorrow. 
She told me that my progesterone level was at 4.54, but they wanted it to be a 5. I was totally bummed as soon as I heard that, but she was pretty sure that if I would have gotten the test done last Friday, then it would have shone I did ovulate. I asked if this was related to pregnancy and she said no. That comforted me a little because I was hoping to hear a really high number because that's what I thought it was suppose to be. 
I guess I'll hear from my OB tomorrow and chat with him a little bit. I'll update about those results if it's important enough :) 
I'm pretty sure I've decided to just wait on George and not test. My next RE appt is Monday. If George has not ruined my life, I will take a test when I'm there, but if he did come, then we will plan what's happening on the next cycle. 

Happy Tuesday :) 

****SARA: I do not know how to reply to the comments :) And yes, calling it George is something that I've done since high school. My sweet awesome best friend from high school called it that, so I started calling it that too! :) 
I do not know about increasing or adding progesterone. Why would I have that done? 


  1. Progesterone is what sustains the pregnancy until the placenta take over around 10-12 weeks. If your levels are too low it could cause you to miscarry. Some RE's start the supplements right after O occurs, and others wait until a bfp. Either way, I would definitely ask them about it. My RE said that they want to see your peak levels (7 dpo) above 10 and if you are on a medicated cycle they want it to be over 15.

    The number doesn't have anything to do with whether you are pregnant or not (I've had as high as 58 and a bfn), so don't worry about that :) I still have high hopes for you this cycle!

  2. Happy to see that they think you ovulated! I know at least for me that alone is something to be thankful for. Keeping my fingers crossed that George stays away for at least 9 more months!


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