Feb 17, 2013

Five for Friday (again, late)

Five for Friday (or Sunday) 

1. Added a new activity in the classroom to help the kids "sight" their vocabulary words in their reading, while talking to family or friends, or anywhere outside the classroom. They are loving it and doing a great job with it. They created a heart with the sticky notes... oh, those kiddos. So funny! 

 2. Valentine Hallway Display: torn tissue paper hearts, and a Valentine graphic from TPT! :) 

3. Oh, my husband... He is the best. We actually celebrated Monday with dinner at our house and Thursday with gifts and dessert. He got me a 1 hour massage and facial. It was divine. I got it done yesterday at a local spa. 

4. Here are some pics from our Valentine party at school. The children were crazy, but rightly so. It was a fun day and I was pooped. Look at that sweet baby that has his napkin in his shirt. Love it :) 

5. This weekend was also our marriage conference that our church does every year called, Ignite. It was a great time. Friday night we had some dance instructors teach us some moves and ended the night with some Soul Train :) Good times. I'm so glad my good friend, Stacey, caught us in action! 

There ya have it! My week at a glance! 

Have a great rest of your Sunday :) 


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