Feb 11, 2013

I'd be lying if...

I said I wasn't extremely hopeful that this actually works the FIRST TIME! I am 4dpo and I keep hoping to see signs of pregnancy. (I know this is crazy, I mean... really... I do not believe even if I was pregnant, that I would have symptoms now!!) I am feeling great overall though. I still can't get over how not painful the IUI was... I was just expecting something completely different. 

I am looking forward to my progesterone test on Friday, but I will definitely not be getting my hopes up by way of that test alone. (I've been warned!) 

I've read that if it is not high that they will give me supplements (??). I could be totally wrong about this. I probably will not be able to wait all the way to next Saturday to test. 

I'll update after my blood test on Friday. 

I hope everyone had a great Monday. Thanks for reading :) 


  1. You're not crazy at all, we have ALL been there! I hope in your case though that they are actually pregnancy signs :) That would be so awesome if you get your bfp next week. I have a feeling your progesterone will be great! Just remember that it isn't a sign of pregnancy if it's high or no pregnancy if it's low. Mine was a 58 one month and no baby but I know several ladies who have gotten a bfp with it less that 5. I know the tww sucks, I hope it goes by really quickly for you. You're in my prayers!

  2. I am now following you also. I'm so excited to see how your iui turns out.


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