Feb 3, 2013


This weekend was really fun! Friday, we celebrated Grannylin's birthday (my mom's mom)! After dinner, guess who Dru and I brought to our house...Brooklyn Chase! Yes, she stayed the night with us. We had a blast! I absolutely LOVE keeping her. I love getting out her diapers, wipes, and food.... and lots of toys. It makes my heart so happy to see my house filled with things for her. Hopefully soon, I will have our child's must-haves all over the house. 

Here are some pictures of her visit... 

She watched a slideshow on my comp for like 10 minutes! Every time she saw her mommy, me, or Dru she would grunt. Hilarious! 

 Hers took an amazing 1 1/2 nap! 
 What do you want Aunt KK? I'm so busy! 
 Look what I found....Aunt KK's wallet! 
 The only way I could contain her to feed her! I guess I should get a highchair! :) 

Me update: 
I am on CD 13 and I have not gotten a smiley face yet. I am testing everyday between 11-2. I am trying to do it right after 11 during the week because I don't want to get busy and forget. It will probably happen this Thursday or Friday. That's just from previous months of testing, but it could do something totally different. I mean, really, I've got no control over this cycle thing. I know this! 

I'll leave you with this... 

Live your life.... It's going to be full of struggles, ups and downs, joy, love, hormones, doc visits, emotions you can't control, laughing, family, friends, and the list goes on and on. All of these experiences give us more opportunities to make our God known. We can tell of his grace, love, and provision through it all, good and bad. I am accepting my struggle and adding it to my story. Do the same! Write your own story! 

Have a fabulous week!


  1. Awe...how sweet. So nice you get to spend time with her. Good luck on your next cycle.

  2. I've always struggled with OPKs but never used the digital smiley ones. My body never ovulated so that's probably why I never understood those things. hah!

    I so enjoy reading your blog and watching you keep God in the story. I can promise you that your journey with the RE will be much easier with Him in the driver's seat.

    I do hope that you surge and get your smiley face soon!

  3. You're such a great aunt! What a cute idea to use the laundry basket, very resourceful :)

    It is so encouraging to read your posts and see how God is working through you and keeps you so positive. It is so important when going through such a difficult struggle to keep Him in control and rely on Him rather than try to take things into our own hands. Thank you for the reminder :)


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