Apr 7, 2013

12,000... Do whaaaat???

Yes, my blog has had over 12,000 views. I'm in shock. I am so honored that so many people are reading about our journey {and our lives}. When I started blogging about our journey in January, I only had like 15 followers and about 1,000 page views. HA! That's so amazing

I seriously can't say it enough, thank you. Thank you for the prayers, texts, and comments! 

Now, for an update: 
I am on CD 16 and I haven't seen a smiley face yet. I was predicting I'd see it today, but I did not. I had everything ready for a sub tomorrow, too. Oh well. Tomorrow will be CD 17, which is the cycle day I got a smiley face for our first IUI cycle. 

I am, of course, very cautious about getting my hopes up. I was reading the blog of a fellow infertility blogger and she mentioned that it's so difficult to be hopeful yet, realistic. You just don't want your hopes to be crushed again

Once again, I have HOPE even if there's not a baby in my belly. I am challenged every day to remember this and stand on that HOPE. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a fabulous week! 



  1. Oh fickle smiley face! I never had to worry about time off during my IUI's… that must be terrible! Hope you get that smiley face soon and that IUI#3 is a HUGE SUCCESS!!!

  2. I hope today is filled with smiley faces!

  3. WOOOOHOOOO! Congrats on the views!

    I completely understand you wanting to be cautious...We've all had our hopes crushed so many times already, it's smart to try to be cautious as much as possible.

    Can't wait to hear if you got a smiley today, I hope so!!!

  4. Congrats on the views! I'm almost at 8k myself and was just thinking the other day how amazing that is. I'm a bit behind in my reading but I saw in your other post you did get a smiley which is also awesome. Keeping that hope is so hard. I know a bio kid is not in the cards for us but I remain hopeful for those I follow. :)


Thank you so much for your comment.... I seriously love to read them, they make my day! Much love to you!


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