Apr 23, 2013

Last Weekend!

Whoa... it's been too long since I've blogged. Bad blogger, Kailey. I'm gonna take it all the way back to last Friday because I spent the night with my little Boobug and her Momma! What a fun time, as always. I stayed, of course, because I love spending time with them, but we threw a bridal shower for my soon-to-be cousin Saturday morning :) She has been dating my cousin, Kyle, since they were in 8th grade, so she's basically in the fam already. Their wedding is June 15! So excited for them :)

My oh so sweet cousin, Steph, made this cross for our front door! War Eagle and yay for the Birkelands! :) Isn't it awesome?!?

Here are some more highlights: My sweet BFF from high school sent me the sweetest little card. Very encouraging! 
I also received a package in the mail with tons of goodies! I have made tons and tons of sweet friends on Instagram that are also trying to conceive. My sweet friend, Chelsea, {click on her name to check our her blog!} came up this fabulous idea... A SOCK EXCHANGE! We randomly were given another TCCers name and gathered things to send them based on the things they like. Socks are very important in this journey because we are usually in a doc office or hospital having blood drawn or enduring a procedure. I hope we do it again next month! It's the little things, people :) 

Saturday night I was able to attend one of the sweetest weddings ever. The couple is very special to my whole family. Dru was a groomsman, my dad officiated, and my lovely mom directed the wedding. My dad did an amazing job. He is so genuine and cares so much about the people that surround him. It shows.
Probably the sweetest moment was when the whole wedding party, along with my mom and another couple, gathered around Chris and Courtney and prayed for them... AH! Loved it! 

What a fabulous weekend.
Much love!

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